Hybrid F1 Carp

Do you want all the benefits of a fishery full of small carp but without the problem (hassle) of them growing too big? And fish that feed well in the winter? And only grow to a pound or two? Then F1’s could be the fish for you.

F1’s are a hybrid between a carp and a crucian carp or brown goldfish. This cross produces an attractive fish which looks much like a fully scaled common carp and have the reputation in match fishing circles as being the ideal alternative to a pond full of traditional carp. Crucially, they feed better in the winter and often much higher in the water column than carp and so are ideal for pole fishing. Additionally they are pretty tough little fish.

Usefully, they also appear to be immune to Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) so if you have had problems this may be a way forward for your fishery.

The Environment Agency (bless them) have some curious policies regarding stocking F1s. They say they won’t allow them to be stocked into online waters or those on a flood plain. When you challenge them as to why there is such a policy, the reasons make little sense. If you are thinking about stocking them into an online water and think this affects you, then do call me before you dismiss it out of hand.

Being hybrids, they are sterile and cannot breed successfully. So what you stock is what you get!

F1 Hybrid Carp