Why buy from Sport & Leisure Fisheries?

You will have read that you should buy your stock fish from a ‘Reputable Supplier’, we are that Reputable Supplier! Here’s why…

We are Fish Farmers, not dealers!

All our fish are produced at a specialised bio secure farm with a long and successful track record ensuring that you only buy strong healthy stock fish.

We have been supplying fish for almost 30 years, the last 15 years from our own farm

We have a great wealth of experience and expertise in growing and supplying top quality fish to most of the best fisheries throughout the UK. By buying your stock fish from us you can tap into this knowledge to ensure you spend your money wisely and get the best response for every pound you spend.

Our fish are all produced in our own hatchery from known and proven brood stock

Using known and proven brood stock means we only use the best, prettiest and fastest growing parents, not some random selection as would happen in the wild. This means you really do get top quality fish.

They are young, strong, healthy fish with a lifetime of potential ahead of them

If you are going to buy fish, why buy fish from a dealer that are quite possibly three parts of the way through their lives already?

They have never seen a hook, fishermen or keep net before

Our fish are immaculate and have never been caught before. They are not somebody else’s discards that have been repeatedly caught and mauled about in previous years before being sold off to a dealer and then offered to you! Our fish are immaculate.

Your fish are produced on a bio-secure farm

We operate a high level of bio security at the farm. The only fish taken onto the site are fry from our own hatchery. No adult fish are ever taken there. The broodstock are kept off farm. No fishermen are allowed. This protects our stock and ensures that the fish we deliver to you are happy and healthy.

When you order from us, you will get exactly what you ask for?

We will turn up with exactly what you ordered, with an invoice and with the appropriate paperwork. We will never ask you for money up front. If you don’t like what you see, then send them back again (but you will be the first person to do so!)

Our fish are health checked and certified every few months by a leading Fish Health Expert and the health certificates lodged with the Environment Agency

A major advantage of buying fish from our farm is that everybody knows exactly where they are coming from and because we grow so many fish we are regularly scrutinised by the authorities and our fish health checked to ensure that the fish we supply to you really are immaculate. Remember, when you are buying fish, it is not just the health of the fish that you are buying that is at issue, buying the wrong fish could introduce problems that affect the other fish in your lakes as well.

The fish you stock now you will have for many years to come

This isn’t a short-term purchase. Carp in particular live for a very long time. Why risk buying some rubbish from a dealer? Buy the best quality you can and enjoy them for years to come. And if you are buying on behalf of a club, can you imagine the grief that comes with buying really disappointing fish instead of top quality, farm produced stock?

Our farm is authorised and inspected twice a year by CEFAS

We are Reputable Suppliers and are happy to work with the authorities to ensure that the fish we supply to you are in perfect health.

To enquire about the fish we supply at Sport & Leisure Fisheries, call us on 01952 585002 or fill out our enquiry form on our Contact Us page.