Fish Stocking Paperwork and Consents

Is there anything in life that doesn’t require paperwork to be completed first? Fortunately, there are only two bits of paperwork that need to be in place before we can deliver fish to you.

CEFAS Fishery Registration

This requirement is a few years old now and is effectively the government producing a database of who is responsible for the fish in which water. I think it came about as an EU directive because the public would call the authorities to report fish dying in a water somewhere and when they turned up to have a look, had no way of working out who was responsible for the fishery and who to contact.

It is a one time thing, doesn’t cost anything and having done it you will get a certificate to put on your wall.

To download the CEFAS Fishery Registration form please click the link below.

Download your Application to Register a Fishery Here

I would happily apply for this registration for you but they won’t let me but I am very happy to guide you through the process. It is quite simple.

Section 30 Stocking Consents from the Environment Agency

From the 19th January 2015, the arrangements for moving fish in England and Wales using Section 30 Stocking consents from the EA will be abolished and replaced by a new system of Site Permits, administered by the Environment Agency

EA Live Fish Movements Site Permit

In brief, every fishery that wants to stock fish will need a Site Permit. You get one of these by telephoning the Environment Agency on 01480 483968, 9am-5pm, office days only. This is quite separate from the Fishery Registration you will also have had to get from CEFAS.

This Permit will be an agreement between you and the EA as to what fish can be stocked into your lakes and any related conditions that they wish to impose, such as the species you are allowed to stock and the requirement for health checks etc. This is a one time thing (which can be modified later if necessary) and does not cost anything.

When you want to order fish, you will need to tell us the Site Permit number so that we can check that the fish you have ordered are covered on your permit and then we can move them directly to you without any further fuss. We do not need to contact the EA prior to the delivery unless it is a ‘high risk’ stocking (for example rivers, non indigenous fish, SSSI’s etc), in which case we have to give two days notice so that the EA can come and have a look if they so choose. We do not have to seek permission to move the fish to you as we did previously, as you have that permission already in the conditions of your Site Permit.

Click here to get the full brief from the EA’s website

It is unclear how long these permits will take to issue so think ahead and apply for one now so that you are not delayed when you are ready to buy new fish.

If you need any further help or guidance on this, then please give me a call.

Garden Ponds

There is an exception to the above rules for Garden Ponds. To get around the need to do all this paperwork every time you want to put a new goldfish in your garden pond, the authorities say you don’t need any paperwork to put coarse fish into a garden pond and then helpfully define it as; less than one acre, in the grounds of a residential property, not fished and with no water running in or out (so the fish can’t escape). If your pond fits this definition, it is a garden pond so you don’t need any consent at all.

For further advice, call Sport & Leisure Fisheries on 01952 585002.