Buy Common & Mirror Carp

We have a range of quality coarse fish for sale, including carp. We grow carp at the farm from six day old fry up to about three years of age. They are spawned from our own brood stock and are a unique strain that we have worked on for the last fifteen years.

Typically one year old fish are up to six inches in length, two summers are up to ten inches and in the third year they really start putting on weight and will range from 1-3lbs.

To keep things simple, we sell them in a range of sizes 2 up to 4 inches, 4 up to 6 inches, 6 up to 8 inches, 8 up to 10 inches and 1 – 3lbs. To help you choose the right size a typical sample of each size is shown in the pictures on the right.

Typically, 4-6” fish weigh about an ounce, 6-8” fish weigh about four ounces, 8-10“ carp weigh about half a pound.

The smaller sizes are all sold by the hundred, with discounts if you buy larger quantities.

Mirror Carp

The 10” plus fish are sold on a weight basis. You can buy common carp from us a range of sizes from about ten inches, which weigh three quarters of a pound up to three pounds and depending on availability, will grade them to suit your preferences. Some customers want more small fish, some only bigger ones and some a mixture. Tell us what you would prefer and we will grade them accordingly.

You will never get a bigger fishing response for every pound you spend than by stocking with these fantastic carp.

Other coarse fish for sale include Big Carp, Crucian, Hybrid F1 and Green Tench.